Sunday, August 08, 2010

Missing Stolen Art " Kristy" Spider House cafe U. S. Art Authority

If You have this painting it does not belong to you. it has been stolen. If you know the person who has this painting it was taken without my permission. Look that person in the eye and say "Thief"

If you know of a group called Moe's Bohemian Art Show, or Mo begg'n, or Mobegg'n, or Mo Beggeing please let me know. Apparently they felt it was okay to mingle their show and works in with mine. I would like to know their names so that I can notify the police department. They had a fundraiser last night in this space and now I have a missing painting. My Painting was taken off the wall at U.S Art Authority ? Spiderhouse Cafe!/profile.php?id=100000179589938

I know of a place where I would not hang my Art in Austin Texas.

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Joe said...

I had a piece of art stolen at SpiderHouse as well...Glitter Every Where