Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A painting a day

Sacred Heart Painting

While I would like to post a painting a day that would be hard becuase I do portraits and figures but I will start to post them as fast as I can make them.

Anatomy of a portrait is coming up soon.
Well what's up. I am working on a painted rendering of "Pieta" by Michelangelo.
Once I have it drawn in I will start to post progress pics. I will Title it "Painting the Pieta After Michelangelo"

The Reading list:
Secret Teachings of All Ages,
Dante's Divine Comedy,
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee,
Ovid: The Metamorphoses,
The Lost Book of Enoch ,
The Rockefellers: An American Dynasty
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Shadow Of The Sentinel,
Holy Blood Holy Grail,
Carnivals of Life and Death,
As Hot as It was You Should Have Thanked Me,
Memories of My Melancholy Whores

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Introducing The Art for Dubai

This is "The Three Kelsies" portrait painting , you can see a series of images of the work as it was in progress by clicking Step by Step Obviously the models name is Kelsie of Austin Texas. She has one of the most uniquely beautiful faces.
My upcoming project or should I say is "Pieta" after Michelangelo.

Fine Art for Fine Luxury Homes

Artworks custom made to order one of a kind paintings for luxury homes In Austin Texas. Fine art works for your fine new home. Your house is unique and says much about you and what is important to you. Your walls should be covered with art. Maybe a mural of a far away wonderful place. Maybe a portrait of your beautiful wife or much loved children. Fine art for a fine home. Much like the days of old when the Medici commissioned works for kings, queens and popes. They bankrolled the Italian Renaissance.

Great art and architiecture go hand in hand. The elegant deserve elegance. portraits, landscapes, abstracts, still lifes. Your imagination is the limit.

I am looking for potential art clients in Dubai. I can make great modern artwork for your Hotel and or Office building.

New work is coming along nicely!

If You would like to exchange links please let me know.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Ocean Ayde

I have never hated painting more than I do right now.
Well actually I never hate painting. I just really hate all the quantifying qualifying , moralizing that goes on over painting. I guess it should be a blast , that is, getting adverse reactions to paintings of nude women. The biggest challenge in painting is people. Portraits are always hard, especially when dealing with the vanity of the subject. Beyond that you have to deal with skin tones and facial expression. It's much easier to paint someone exceedingly attractive than it is to render someone average , mundane or bland. Usually really good looking people have landmarks like great bone structure or very unique eyes or lips. If you do a painting of a beauty then people tend to like the subject and hence they like the painting. When it comes to the nude, it is much more critical. I believe that our survival of the fittest instincts, lead us to the ability to see defects in the human form. Would you procreate with that being, would you let your offspring procreate with that being. I mean a landscape is a landscape is a landscape. An abstract , while it may not be your cup of tea is not flawed in draftsmanship skills.

I tear through paintings, one right after the other. I do not edit myself. I go from the non objective to the figurative. I am a true artist in the painter sense. I paint because I love it. Not for fame or fortune (what fame or fortune btw) just for the true transcendental experience, the endorphine release ,the o.b.e.
I paint outdoors because you can not beat the light no way, no how.
I am just a painter, I have no nutrtional value and I do not share the belief systems of just about everyone. Enough exposure to me will surely leave you insulted at some pont. In modern lingo slang I am a "dick". The only thing I give a fucking rats ass about is painting, specifically my paintings. no not your cousin Jimmy's crappy watercolors of sunflowers.

Goddess of good fortune an Ocean Ayde