Thursday, October 12, 2006

Art Austin Texas

Well what's new. I am working on the Hunting Art prize contest. So I am sort of on a sabbatical and traveling arounsd out west. I have just added a new online sales page to my new googlepages account. "The Art Store"
Temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, tranquility, chastity, humility.

Popped, busted .
somedays I think there is nothing to write about. Usually there is I just do not have the time. We are in such delicate, sensitive, times. Everyone must be blue and black from having their feelings hurt. You should wear a bicycle helmet,(even if you are walking in case you trip) you must not smoke, or eat cheese, you should not allow your children to play tag. W.T.F.
We should drape any and all classical paintings or sculptures depicting any nudity whatsoever. Hello marshmellow universe. Hello cottoncandy brain, hello bubble wrapped britches. hello r.t.f. tag. Throw your banned books in the fire.

Success is "never having to tell people you are successful",
just as fame is "Never having to tell people you are famous",just as exploding is "Never having to tell people you are exploding"

The latest title of my newest fictional work i.e, ergo, what with the this the that and the other thing, is
"my renewed suspension of disbelief systems"
now run all you clever little unimaginative copycats and scatter to the winds and try to beat me to the punch.

Anyone know the name of a portly cock eyed photographer that started honking his horn from a block away to warn me about his attempt to run over me. I do ! Here is a clue he drives a Volvo and his work is boring.

Hey Teacher,
John Constable,
Joseph Mallord William Turner,
Thomas Cole
Edmund Coates
Regis-Francois Gignoux
John Frederick Kensett
George Loring Brown
Thems are landscape painters. While on the other hand Picasso, Dali, Sargent, Warhol, Van gogh, Rembrandt, Renoir, Dix and Dixon, Rivera, Khalo,Hockney Bacon, Freud they all did portraits.
My point is that they all had their idiosynchrosies. They all did art that did not really look like one an others. So if you are and artist or an art instructor you must learn, that is Learn, that "the ting is what it is".
Paintings can not look how you would like them to look unless you your self are painting them. Other wise we would all be boring and teaching the same old crap over and over and over and over. loosen up baby. Or get back in your box, where you can be a technician with your narrow minded view of your four brown corregated cardboard walls.

Dear Julie,
Thanks for the warning.
I know , I have been told on numerous occasions about people taking ideas from me. A consequence of painting in public. This sort of thing has been going on through out the ages. That why I have told you in the past that I consider a true painter to be one who tackles or at the very least attempts to paint figures, landscapes, portraits, as well as the abstract. This I think is the difference between the terms artist and painter. As for those who attempt to "Jack" an idea I really feel pity and look at them in a pathetic light, it is clearly a sign of there lack of imagination, originality and creativity. Perhaps with and infertile mind they should reconsider there goals in life. To me there is nothing more fulfilling than the realization of original inspiration. When a person copies works or ideas they lower there love of craft to mere toil and labor.

Lucky for me in my mental file there is always a running list of paintings that I never seem to get through. Some dissolve and new ones emerge or actually executed on canvas.

Your freind Rick

Portrait Painting of Meredith

Definition of street art
definitely I am not a street artist. I do not create graffiti or wheatpaste posters.
Monet painted out of doors as did Van Gogh, O'keefe just a miriad of painters who did. In fact Monet championed natural light.

1/30/08 posting

Evokes emotions and desires
leaves much too soon
Like a flash flood in the desert
Thunder and lightning Mayhem on the landscape
you ruined my day destroyed my focus
Atomic girl so radioactive gorgeous meltdown imagination

Friday, June 16, 2006

Mission Statement


Meat and potatoes, meet my taters.
A-hem test test 1,2,3,. Is this thing on. Can uou hear me. Ah ha low.

Well this is just as basic and bland as can be.
My mission is to be the world's greatest painter. That is right. I said the world's greatest painter. I don't know that it is possible but I will give it my best shot.
I must make it clear though that I am working within my own criteria. I love art I especially love paintings.
I know what I like and which paintings and painters I admire, repect and aspire to emulate or at the very least reach their level of skill.

So here is some of my citeria.
1.)Volume and or body of work.

2.) Variety of work, nudes, portraits, landscapes, still lifes, abstracts surrealism, nonobjective.

3.)Message, statement, story.

4.) Skill Level

This is where I am at this point.
I have a few social commentative pieces but not enough. I could probably use more still lifes. I believe my skill level is getting close to where I would like for it to be. In other words I damn well know that I can paint things most artists would never dream of.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Monday, May 08, 2006

Latino Art Austin Texas

Here, there, is, a war for the soul of what is to be known as "Latino Art".
Some will qualify their authority by quantifying their expertise with their collections. Latino Art is art made by latinos. Do not put more constraints or limitations. Political or ideological or racial. let the artist create his own agenda.

"Long,Lust Love"

"Bailarina El Salto"

"Retrato de Zofia-Tearful Soulful Eyes"


Seascape Three
"Sea Scape Three"

La California
"La California" Los Angeles.

"Juliette" La Coleccion Latino, Austin, Texas