Thursday, February 25, 2010

Calzadilla- "The Goddess Molybdenum"

"Goddess Molybdenum" by Calzadilla. Ricardo

Fine art figurative painting,
acrylic on canvas
36 by 48

Calzadilla, Ricardo

mannerism means vulnerability

sometimes one is bored,
but is really just boring

sometimes one assumes,
but is really just projecting

things aren't always
what they appear to be

a sensible world means ordinary world
it doesn't mean a world that makes sense
more a world utilizing undiscovered wave lengths
you know an electron behaving one way in this universe has a matching
electron behaving likewise in another (parallel universe)

thus when painting, often I am asked don't you grow weary from working?
in actuality I fill with dread as the day draws near to the end compelling me to part with my passion. To watch a painter paint can be exceedingly mundane.
The process to the prosecutor is otherworldly, out of body experiential.
This game we play with seemingly erroneous notations will make no more common sense than Zinc Mixing White to the average common man.