Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"A Day In The Life " of Outdoor Public Art Making/ I sent to you a message, three if by sea

Yes You can be the owner of this one of a kind installation sculptural found object Fine Art Piece, for a mere $65,000.00. Wooden seaward message planks are not included.

The planks are readied by painting, lettering, and sealing with a rare Australian bees wax sealer!

This can be yours for only $65,000.00 (u.s)
Keep in mind that it will bring unto you many years of good luck and inner peace, you will no longer have a need for soul searching or personal pets like a cat or a dog and you will have as many children as you might deem necessary!
The title is "Pyramidal Tomb of Solace"
Hurry as there is only one in the whole wide world that was made by my hand in a moment of glorious inspiration.
Notice as the world is upside turned down in the power orb of blue .

Very well this may be the most expensive art object of it's size ever created in Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

The message planks are cast into the river.

Finally their journey begins on their way to you , they should get to you in a day or two. Look for them in your nearest body of water along the shore.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crazy people

Crazy people want to kill me, they say they want to take me out, and it's not dinner they are talking about, I saw her going down, on the spiral, against a hot blue sky as the mud started to boil. Freddy the fish still swims in the shade. Someone threw the rock i wrote on in the water but good ole Gracie plucked it out, so I gave her some chinese asprin for her friends. These are my words don't use them unless you can pay for them

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fornication and Nudity on Lake Lady Bird

If you ever are bored on a Monday afternoon say oh around 2:30 in the afternoon you can do as these lovely couples do. Go naked and or have sex on a row boat . Merrily , merrily down the stream . Crazy from the heat. Or you can always take a pigeon bath.

This was going on behind me while I was painting.

This is also where a man bathes about 2wice a week.