Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Introducing The Art for Dubai

This is "The Three Kelsies" portrait painting , you can see a series of images of the work as it was in progress by clicking Step by Step Obviously the models name is Kelsie of Austin Texas. She has one of the most uniquely beautiful faces.
My upcoming project or should I say is "Pieta" after Michelangelo.

Fine Art for Fine Luxury Homes

Artworks custom made to order one of a kind paintings for luxury homes In Austin Texas. Fine art works for your fine new home. Your house is unique and says much about you and what is important to you. Your walls should be covered with art. Maybe a mural of a far away wonderful place. Maybe a portrait of your beautiful wife or much loved children. Fine art for a fine home. Much like the days of old when the Medici commissioned works for kings, queens and popes. They bankrolled the Italian Renaissance.

Great art and architiecture go hand in hand. The elegant deserve elegance. portraits, landscapes, abstracts, still lifes. Your imagination is the limit.

I am looking for potential art clients in Dubai. I can make great modern artwork for your Hotel and or Office building.

New work is coming along nicely!

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