Sunday, December 18, 2005

The cat in gloves catches no mice.

I love quotes. Ben Franklin's were great. Benjamin Franklin was such a genius I believe he was an alien extraterrestrial.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

What people see.

People tend to have a notion of what art is. Usually that notion is what they think it should be. Whatever regimentation they have. Some people think every portrait must be photorealistic. Some think art should be pretty for their wall. Some people can't assemble an abstract in their heads. Some are easily offended by words as well as pictures. I am coming from a painters perspective.

"if you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?"

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Day One Fine Art Painting What About Art, Rick Calzadilla

I thought I should get this rolling.
I am a painter and I paint out of doors on the Town lake hike and bike trail.
Quite an enriching experience! I have been doing this for almost two years. The air is fresh the noise is minimal, the lighting is fantastic and the people, - *well, they are people.
I have a small web site on geocities it is
I am updating it slowly. Feel free to write anything you like

Painting of Mills Lake

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Magic Field of Green

I once took you there to show it to you. My magic field of green.
I had not been there myself in quite some time. You are gone now, and I could not sleep.
I rose so early and road up the shoal creek trail. Frogs were hopping across the trail, men without homes were sleeping in the park. A naked man was bathing in the creek water. I went along the rough and rocky trail , there are places where you have to get back onto the street or the sidewalk.
I went to the grotto I have known for 23 years. It has the statue of St. Francis. This morning there were two springs pouring from either side. I paused there for a few moments and prayed for you and me and everyone and all.

I mounted my bike and made my way upto 38th and crossed over thru hyde park. Passed the 4001 Duval, passed the Bakery where Dana the Bakery Girl once worked, I remember how awe inspiring a beauty she was. The darkest locks, the palest skin and the biggest bluest bug eyes. I kept going along by the Ney Museum by the pool down and up on F right on 46th , The old place with the old memeories from a different chapter is gone.
Right on speedway to the magic field. I never saw it so green in August. Lush and green, green green.

I have seen a guinea hen there, cedar waxwings, blackcapped vireos, sparows, bats, great big (silent winged) owls, the parrots oh so many parrots, and of course hawks.
I walked back behind the land burm to the little clump of trees. Just as I stood there, a wind blew by, a gorgeous gust refreshing I knew that it was you. Hello, hello to you my dear.
I tried to show you this magic field. Now you know and now you see. I was not lying.
I walked up the land burm and waited for the streaks of light to lay across the grass as the sunrays cast tru the trees from the rising sun. I marveled at the cotton ball clouds aglow seweeping past overhead in pearlish colors of magentas, lemons and golden rod against the azur sky. There he was a brand new hawk , he fled when we made eye contact. I think I blew his morning meal of squirrels or parrots. I stood there just stood and waited and watched and took breathe. I know we will see you soon again. Love you daer always and forever I know you know.

Ricardo Calzadilla
801 West 17th St.
Suite C
Austin Texas 78701
512 567 3361

Flowers in my spot

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I am starting a small documentary on painting on the trail. I will be painting a portrait and a landscape. Soon I will post pictures of my exploits down there. I will also. Write at nauseam about my experiences. May all good things come to all good people. Beauty is in everything.