Monday, May 08, 2006

Latino Art Austin Texas

Here, there, is, a war for the soul of what is to be known as "Latino Art".
Some will qualify their authority by quantifying their expertise with their collections. Latino Art is art made by latinos. Do not put more constraints or limitations. Political or ideological or racial. let the artist create his own agenda.

"Long,Lust Love"

"Bailarina El Salto"

"Retrato de Zofia-Tearful Soulful Eyes"


Seascape Three
"Sea Scape Three"

La California
"La California" Los Angeles.

"Juliette" La Coleccion Latino, Austin, Texas


PainterTownLake said...

A true painter can paint portraits, landscapes abstracts and figures!

PainterTownLake said...

schadenfreude it is all about.
To those of you who have, gladly i will annoint you in the oil of vitriol.

PainterTownLake said...

Picasso was spanish as was dali.
i would have to consider them as Latino Art.

PainterTownLake said...

I was dealing with dim wits

PainterTownLake said...

Modern contemporary latin american abstract art.
i ams what i ams.
no governor full speed ahead!
"Viva el barrio de San Juan"
El Paso Texas, soy San Juanero

PainterTownLake said...

Latino Art links

"van Vliet" Art Blog said...

Stunning portrait, very strong.

secret lady said...

i have been truly inspired to "just be" by your gift...i especially love "SARAH" i just wanted to say thank you..