Thursday, August 12, 2010

Attention Burning Man 2010 Participants

Dear participants of Burning Man Project, this painting is missing.
A friend of mine has told me that I should try to reach out to Burning Man Project participants. He thinks that the painting may be used as an item to offer in trade for goods and or services. If you see it don't trade for it contact me.

this is the missing painting if it has not been destroyed it will turn up somewhere and someday i will hear about it.

These are the theories.

Someone anyone in attendance at the fundraiser could have grabbed the piece and outright sold it as there own for any amount. I do mean someone or anyone but definitely in attendance.

Someone anyone could have the piece and are planning on taking it to burning man as an item for trade barter.

Someone anyone like a drunken college kid took it on a whim and they have destroyed it for fear of being discovered.

Bottom line my work was touched and moved without my knowledge or consent. My work is damaged my work is stolen. The exhibit space was not open until and only during the event. If the work had not been moved it would not have been easily damaged or stolen.

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