Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sculpture Falls Austin Texas

Fine Art Austin Texas

"Sculpture Falls"
oil on canvas 
30 by 40 inches
Hello, Ricardo here. This is my first landscape in oils. Most of my paintings are done in acrylics. When painting in acrylics, in my case I always here about the superiority of oils, mainly from oil painters. So I had to give oils a try. I did, and I really enjoy working with oils, but I cannot say that I enjoy one over the other. I like to paint outside which is great as far as solvents and fumes go, but wind and dust can be a problem. In reality though I am often asked by painters whether I am using oils or acrylics, which indicates it is not obvious. I am a painter who likes to go all over the place, meaning the painting of Nudes, Abstracts, Portraits, Landscapes. I will continue to paint in both mediums.

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