Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I for one would like to thank the following people

John Adler Jason Altmire Michael Arcuri John Barrow Marion Berry Dan Boren
Rick Boucher Bobby Bright Ben Chandler Travis Childers Artur Davis Lincoln Davis Chet Edwards Stephanie Herseth Sandlin Tim Holden Larry Kissell Frank Kratovil Dan Lipinski Stephen Lynch Jim Marshall Jim Matheson Mike McIntyre Mike McMahon Charlie Melancon Walt Minnick Glenn Nye Collin Peterson Mike Ross Heath Shuler Ike Skelton Zack Space John Tanner Gene Taylor Harry Teague

Thank you Thank You
very much!


Rondell said...

Um, hello? You forgot a one Ms. Rondell Jenkins, sksst!!! See if I memba to thank you on my Grammy Awards speech in 2013! Ugh

Anonymous said...

i am sorry a curious oversight on my behalf